Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mind-Body Medical University


Welcome to the Mind-Body Medical University (MBMU)!

Today our earth family is seriously facing economic crisis, health crisis and environmental / energy resource crisis. Within these crises, mental, physical and spiritual health problem is the worst crisis. Without people's healthy and energetic mind, body and spirit, resolving other crises is impossible. At this critical time, MBMU is born to aim the core solution of these crises by establishing an educational, research and healing institution. MBMU offers accredited degree programs for doctorate, master and bachelor in Psychology and Mind-Body Medicine. MBMU will be especially needed by today's and future world. All graduates from MBMU will be the most welcomed talents by the society.

Today, the rapidly increasing and overwhelming high cost, low efficiency and quality of healthcare has already become a big concern in the United States and globally in other countries (watch the recent speech of president Obama on the high cost of health care in the U.S.). As we look toward the future, lowering the cost, improving the efficiency and quality for healthcare services is extremely critical. This reformation of our healthcare system does not solely rely on government regulations, but also requires the joint kindhearted efforts of healthcare practitioners, a mind-body health education system and the awareness from our entire society. A low cost, efficient, high quality, comprehensive-preventive healthcare system to include mind-body science and technology is desired by all American citizens and other nations throughout the world.

The goal of Mind-Body Medical University is to integrate eastern and western medical science and psychological science, modern techniques and ancient wisdom to achieve a low lost, high quality, natural, non-invasive no side effects of healthcare system addressing the whole being, mind-body-spirit, and healing both causes and symptoms.

This is an optimal time for us to collectively work together to express creativity and compassion for humanity and promote technology by establishing this ground breaking epoch university. MBMU will provide for today's talented as well as tomorrow's future world health practitioners.

MBMU is an educational, research and healing institution of internationally distinguished mind-body scientists, doctors, healthcare professionals, educators, researchers, administrators, and social workers working together to help the contemporary and future prospective families and individuals achieve optimal health of the mind, body and spirit. Essentially, MBMU nurtures talented professionals, doctors, healthcare practitioners and scientists to serve people all over the world. Please continue to read the website by starting with Mission and Vision, About MBMU,Why MBMU, Faculty and Students to explore our goals and operation.

The concept of Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) is defined and described on the official website of National Institute of Health under a sub-domain of the National Center of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). MBM is a scientific system and clinical practice that achieve mental, physical and spiritual health by balancing and connecting the mind, body and spirit as one unified life unit. Mind-Body Medicine originated from a profound traditional medicine. It developed over thousands of years ago and is widely used in modern times. The Mind-Body Medical Medical University or MBMU is an internationally leading institution of education, healing and research in the field of mind-body science with an epoch-making vision for the future. MBMU is dedicated to fostering talented professionals of psychological science, mind-body science and integrative medicine to meet the rapidly increasing needs of modern society.

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